School from Scratch

About the Author: Doug Crowder is the Head of Schools of Upward International Schools headquartered in Northern California with Learning Centers and Schools in Malaysia, Kenya, and the USA. UIS began 20 years ago in a donut shop in Paradise, California. For forty years, he has successfully planted education ministries and schools in churches and established other ministries including boys ranches, rehab ministries, and homeschool groups. He has also been a consultant for school starts in six countries. All these experiences have prepared him for such a time as this.

Have you ever felt like God was moving you to start a school on your church campus?

Do you feel like somebody must do something for today’s school-aged children?

Have you ever been burdened for adults who can’t find a meaningful job because they lack a high school diploma?

Are you overwhelmed by what it MIGHT take in knowledge, resources, dollars, or experience?

School from Scratch could be your answer! Written in a down-to-earth format, School from Scratch is designed to open doors of your mind to all the awesome possibilities that await. The book confronts issues of resources, personnel, facilities, legal concerns, and management. Drawing on 40 years of experience with starting schools and a host of other educational ministries worldwide, Doug Crowder shares stories and important information in a manner that challenges you to step out and follow God’s leadership... BOLDLY going where others have succeeded also.>